Monday, August 12, 2013

We're Not That Different After All

It was refreshing for me to look at my classmates’ blog posts after working on my own this past week. I say it was refreshing because I could connect with them. From those I read, I could relate to Carly, Kuuipo, and Marie. Let me say, I don’t know any of these women, however, I feel I know them a little more after visiting their blogs.

Carly is going through some family things that made it difficult for her to complete all the assignments for this class. OMG, I won’t even start with what I’ve been through! I’ll only say that I know exactly what Carly is going through. Kuuipo’s life was taken over by PLNs and had a great image that got me thinking. I didn’t realize how much Pinterest was part of my PLN…no wonder I spend so much time there. Now I can justify my time spent there; I’m doing my homework after all (check out Kuuipo’s picture). Marie spoke about collaborating. This is something we all experienced in this class from the first week. She modified an image to show that everyone needs to do his/her part to complete the project. I’m placing it here because she said we could use it, but also because it’s so important that we all get this concept. For those of us in the online program, we cannot see each other’s expressions. Place this picture in your mind so you can imagine what your classmates’ faces look like when you don’t do your part.

Image Credit: Marie Sack

Once again, this assignment allowed me to see how we are more alike than we are different. We are never alone; we are never the only one. Thank you ladies for reminding me of this!

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