Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting Lost

I love sites like Pinterest and the ning for Elementary Tech Teachers! I enjoy getting lost in all the wonderful ideas and then to the blogs that originally posted the idea. Because of these sites, I have bookmarked so many blogs that I've made different folders for the different types. Because of the ning site, I found not only blogs, but other sites that relate to my job. You just have to walk into my classroom to see all the great resources I've received from these wonderful educators who participate in this ning.

I could relate to Rheingold's scenario in the part about Infotention in Chapter 2. I was just like him; I would get so lost sometimes when on those sites that I didn't know where I started off. Everything that I clicked, led me to something else. All of it I felt was valuable and useful. I am aware that I need to get better at crap-detection when it comes to these types of sites. Instead, for now, I just stay away from Pinterest and the Elementary Tech Teachers ning.

I've had to prioritize how I spend my time once I started this master's program. Funny though, I now get lost in reading research articles when I'm doing an assignment. I realize that I love reading research, but I've also found that not all research is worth reading. I guess when it comes to crap-detection, I have learned to allocate my attention efficiently, for the most part, when deciding what to read for the research topic.

Check out Pinterest and the Elementary Tech Teachers ning...that is if you have the time to get lost for awhile!

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